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Get The EXPERT TRAINING You Need To Thrive In The VET Sector

Why Choose RTO Leadership Institute?

After many years working in the VET sector as consultants, auditors and managers, we developed an RTO that is dedicated to supplying highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to the VET sector.

We’ve seen too many providers doing it wrong - we wanted to prove it can be done right.

Customised Programs For Your Organisation

Do you manage a business and want to ensure your staff are reaching their full potential?

Using our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the VET sector, we are able to develop high-quality, customized training programs to meet the needs of your organization.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach when designing a program for your business. We will identify your specific needs and objectives to design a program that ensures participants develop essential skills to enhance your businesses operations.

Take The Next Step In Your Career

Whether you are looking to start a career in the VET sector or you are wanting to take the next step in your career, RTO Leadership Institute can help you on your journey.

We offer flexible, rolling programs to individuals who are looking to expand on their knowledge of this ever-changing industry. Our offerings range from nationally recognized qualifications through to mentoring programs that will further drive your career success.

Whether a beginner or an expert in the industry, if you are wanting to develop your skills and knowledge in the VET sector we will have an option to suit you.

3 More Critical Reasons to Choose RTO Leadership Institute

  1. Specifically Designed Course Materials - Our materials have been developed by skilled writers from our sister company, Eduworks Resources. Because we are the creative minds behind their development, we can also customize these as required and respond quickly to any suggestions or requests for improvement.
  2. Structured For Maximum Quality - Although we will customize programs to meet client needs, one thing we won’t compromise on is quality. Our programs are thorough and ensure you receive expert training from experts in the industry. We don’t cut corners or take the easy way out. We are committed to ensuring skilled workers in the industry are receiving training the right way!
  3. The Very Best Trainers - We have sourced the best trainers to deliver our programs. Our trainers have years of experience in training and deliver in an engaging and interactive way. We don’t just read from a text book!

Training & Assessment 

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will equip students with the skills and knowledge to work in a range of training and assessment contexts and it is the required qualification in order to work as a trainer and/or assessor delivering nationally recognised training for a Registered Training Organisation or TAFE in Australia.

Learn from the experts! Training Partners Australia have years of experience working in the sector as consultants, auditors and owner / managers of other successful RTOs.



Leadership & Management

The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and manage a team in a range of workplace settings.

This course covers various leadership topics including performance management, customer service, conflict resolution, leading a team, implementing continuous improvement strategies and so much more!