5 Reasons Almost Anyone Can Change Careers And Become A VET Trainer


With more than 13 years experience in the VET sector I get a lot of feedback from students and RTOs about the benefits of making a career change into training. It’s always great to hear positive impact they have had on their own lives and the future of their students.

Below are my top 5 reasons to consider making a career change and becoming a VET Trainer and Assessor. It can be a very rewarding career move and it’s easier than you might think!

Shasi Hodge
Director, RTO Leadership

Reason 1: You Can Use The Knowledge And Skills You Already Have

Do you have years, or even decades of experience in your industry? If so, you could make the next move in your career by teaching the skills that you already know to new students looking to get a start.

VET trainers aren’t just trainers, they have specialist skills and experience from working in certain fields for years and have chosen to teach those skills to others.

RTOs are always on the lookout for veterans in industries who are willing to pass on their knowledge to students. You can find a comprehensive list of nationally recognised courses, and units of competency by visiting www.training.gov.au

Reason 2: You Can Turn Your Passion For Teaching Into A Professional Career

If you’ve always enjoyed teaching others then a career as a VET trainer is a great option, even if you’ve never taught in an ‘official’ classroom setting before. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the nationally recognised toolkit that you need to successfully pass on your skills to others.

You’ll be shown how to plan, organise, and deliver group based learning. As well as designing and developing your own programs, and assessing students competency. Learning never stops in the education field and you can enjoy mastering new technology and methods to help you teach your skills to students.

Reason 3: You’ll Be Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential

There’s not a lot more rewarding than helping others succeed. Especially students who are keen to learn about a new subject and make their next big career move but need the direction of someone like you to help them get there.

As a trainer you’ll get to see tangible results from your work when students have ‘ah-ha’ moments and then go on to start their own rewarding careers in their chosen field. You’ll be making a positive impact in the life and future of someone else.

Reason 4: You Can Get ‘Off The Tools’ But Stay Working In Your Industry

If you’re getting to the point where you want to get ‘off the tools’ in your industry but still remain close to what you love, then becoming a VET trainer is the perfect solution. You can lead the next generation of students and apprentices excited to be on the pathway to their new career.

Leaving an industry completely can be hard for some people, especially if it’s the only thing you’ve known for years. Becoming a trainer however let’s you stay close to what you do best and give new students best start in their careers at the same time.

Reason 5: You Don’t Have To Go Back To University

Don’t worry about having to go back to university for four years to become a teacher. You’re likely already working and don’t have time for that anyway. What you need is a smooth transition into your new career with minimal disruption to your schedule and income.

Studying a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is flexible. The course can be completed through in-person workshops or self paced lessons online, and it costs a fraction of a university degree. Students often complete the course while still working in their current industry.

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