Why Choose Us

If you’re an individual in the VET sector looking for professional development courses, or you’re looking for a provider to upskill some (or all) of your organisation’s team members, here are six reasons why you should consider RTO Leadership Institute for your training requirements:

1. We’re passionate VET sector experts, which means our alumni gain career-boosting skills and knowledge they won’t get anywhere else.

After many years working in the VET sector as consultants, auditors and managers, we’ve developed an RTO that is dedicated to supplying highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to the VET sector.

It’s this knowledge and training that has made our course offerings so unique. Our alumni walk away with skills, insights, knowledge and transferrable common sense that makes them sought-after operators in the VET industry.

2. We take a “consultative” approach to the unique training pathway of every course attendee.

We’re not like the other training companies who’ll sign you up for a course without analysing your current and desired career trajectory. This consultative approach to your learning pathway means you can rest assured knowing you’re doing exactly the right course or qualification.

We’ll invest time in discussing where you are now, and where you want to be in the future, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re on the right training plan to achieve your career and income goals. Consider us your ‘career mentor’ or advisor who’ll steer you towards your desired career goals in the VET industry.

3. Our students are inspired (and educated!) by the energising drive and positive attitudes of our trainers.

We understand that trainers make or break the success of a training program – so ours are carefully vetted to ensure they have exactly the right mix of experience, knowledge, drive, passion, and personality.

Our training is delivered by the following VET sector experts:

  • VET auditors & consultants
  • RTO managers
  • Lead trainers and facilitators
  • Assessment experts

Each trainer has years of experience, and naturally deliver their content in an engaging and interactive way. We’re advocates for interactive group learning and won’t just read from a textbook. There’s no “chalk and talk” in our classrooms, so you don’t need to worry about sitting through long, boring lectures.

4. Our custom course design allows us to cater to the specific requirements of our students

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach when designing a program – we’ll create a unique course or training pathway for your unique situation. Our offerings range from nationally recognized qualifications through to mentoring programs that will further drive your career success.

  • If you’re a business looking for group training, we’ll identify your specific needs and objectives to design a program that ensures participants develop essential skills to enhance your businesses operations.
  • If you’re an individual, we’ll work on your unique career plan to produce a pathway that will get you to your desired career title and salary.

Our materials have been developed by skilled writers from our sister company, Eduworks Resources. Because we are the creative minds behind their development, we can also customize these as required and respond quickly to any suggestions or requests for improvement.

5. We offer multiple delivery methods – online, in-house, or in your organisation’s private training room

Here are some of the ways we deliver our courses:

  • Blended delivery – online with workshops
  • Supported online/ distance course
  • Private delivery – for groups

For more information on the delivery method of each course, contact us. Whether a beginner or an expert in the industry, if you are wanting to develop your skills and knowledge in the VET sector we will have an option to suit you.

6. We cater for both individuals and organisations, of all types of experience.

Whether you’re new to the industry, or a seasoned VET professional, RTO Leadership Institute can help keep you current and extend your capability in the VET sector. We offer a fresh take on professional development and masterclasses and have a wide range of sessions available.

Our training can be delivered to individuals who are training on their own (via online or in-class methods), or to a group or team from your organisation (via private training in your offices).