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If you’re a VET professional ready for the next step in your career:

Design A Lucrative VET Career
With Our Free Career Planning Session

Exclusively For VET Industry Professionals Looking To Accelerate Their Career Trajectory And Increase Their Earning Potential In The VET Sector

Get A Competitive Advantage Over Your Colleagues By Requesting A Career Planning Session With An RTO Leadership Institute Expert Today



Our complementary Career Planning Session creates a roadmap of where you are now in your VET career, and where you’d like to be — and explains the different routes you can take to reach your destination. It’s like plugging your career coordinates into a GPS and visualising how to get from A to B… showing you how to earn more money and provide more value to the VET industry.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait any longer to plan your progression in the VET industry

If you’re like most people, your career is the number one vehicle you use to generate income. Your livelihood depends on your ability to generate a consistent salary. But the reality is… many people neglect to grow their career skills (or even just plan their professional development) and wait until it’s too late to upskill. In some cases, decades pass before many professionals decide to upgrade their qualifications.

The cost of not planning your future education nor conducting ongoing learning can be significant. If you choose to neglect professional development, you may miss out on:

  • The possibility of a promotion or advance in your VET career
  • Opportunities to change lanes into other career options
  • Increased salary/remuneration

Our complementary Career Planning Session examines your unique situation and formulates a plan to secure you a promotion (or a career change) in the VET industry, which often translates into a salary increase and a more satisfying professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Popular Session

Who will benefit from the Career Planning Session?

The Career Planning Session is suitable for either:

  • Individuals who are looking to grow their skills and knowledge in the VET industry, and aren’t sure how to go about it.
  • Managers or business owners who are looking to train some or all of their team.

What value will I get from the Career Planning Session?

At the end of the Career Planning Session, you’ll have a clear understanding of:

  • The learning and development opportunities available to you now, and in the future (and what they mean to your career trajectory)
  • Your expected salary range, once you’ve qualified for different certifications
  • How easy it is to get started on any of our training programs (using different course delivery options)
  • Your eligibility for Government Funding

I’m new, or I’m trying to change careers INTO into the VET industry. Can you help?

Yes – we can help. Some of our training offerings are broken into two delivery types:

  • Essentials classes (for those who are new to the industry or have a basic level of knowledge on the topic)
  • Master classes (for the more experienced professionals, who are looking to extend their knowledge and skills on the topic)

We’ll discuss these details with you during the Career Planning Session.

How Is the Career Planning Session delivered?

Normally we conduct the Session over the phone.

We’d also be very happy to conduct the session in person if you’re located near our office in Kew East, Victoria.

The Session follows a set format and normally takes about 30-45 minutes.

Does the Career Planning Session cost anything?

No, not at all. It’s 100% free.


“I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether you are a start up college, need extra support, or require the benefits of a larger organisation so that you can focus on what you do well.”

Lyn Fava, Principal
The Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation


Get A Competitive Advantage Over Your Colleagues By Requesting A Career Planning Session With An RTO Leadership Institute Expert Today

Provide your contact details and we’ll call you to organise your free session.


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