RPL models that work

This two-part webinar series looks at the best practice models for conducting assessment by RPL.

Recognition of prior learning has huge advantages to students by recognising their skills and knowledge they often have. Many RTOs and trainers/assessors shy away from RPL as they see it as a large arduous undertaking and see it as meaning more work for them.

However, RPL done right can be a smooth process and one that advantages both the candidate and the RTO.

This series will cover:

  • Why should we conduct RPL assessment?
  • What candidates are good candidates for RPL?
  • Components of a good RPL process.
  • Components of a good RPL tool.
  • Making assessment decisions in RPL.

This two-part webinar series will be held on:

  • 31st July 2019 – 11 am
  • 7th August 2019 – 11 am

At the end of this webinar series you will receive:

  • A certificate of attendance
  • A copy of any and all handouts
  • A copy of the presentation slides.


45 available
Webinar - RPL models that work$150.00

Start Time

11:00 am

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Finish Time

12:00 pm

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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