Sandra Sutherland

“RTO Leadership has been a fabulous experience, the training is second to none and the trainer is very knowledgeable and
personable loving my training. Highly recommend RTO Leadership to anyone wanting to gain a certificate. Sandra Sutherland”

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Susan T

“Everyone I have had contact with at RTO Leadership has been friendly, understanding and professional. The course I am currently
undertaking has been very well planned and in depth. The trainers have up to date industry and vocational experience. I would
highly recommend RTO Leadership Institute for quality training.”


Miranda Biamis

“A fantastic course with great concepts that are realistic and provide learners with information that can be used in the workplace.
Everyone is very supportive and is always ready to assist.
Sally is an amazing trainer and mentor.”


Angela B

“RTO Leadership Institute made updating my TAE as stress-free as possible. Marc, the trainer was supportive and made contact on
a regular basis. Assessments were marked and feedback given at record speed. Very thankful for Marc’s attention and assistance.”


Kylie M.

“These guys were GREAT! Admin staff were super helpful and went above and beyond to help me. I thought the training materials
were good, and I learnt a lot. The trainer/assessor was easy to contact for support, he marked the assignments quickly and provided
useful feedback.
Highly recommended training with RTO Leadership Institute.”


Monique P.

“I attempted the upgrade through another organisation and threw my hands up in the air and walked away saying “I won’t even

I then found RTO Leadership Institute and started the online upgrade. I had a feeling I was going to struggle with it but to my
surprise I actually get it!

The material is simple to understand, the questions are not complicated and my gosh do the assessor mark quickly!!!
Knowing that I can call my trainer or email him with what seems like the most stupidest questions and having it explained to me in a
non-judgemental and encouraging way takes such a weight off my shoulders.

I wouldn’t recommend any other organisation.”

Lauren Campbell


“In my TAE I have really loved learning about the various learning styles and ways that we can cater our training to different levels and also engage with our students depending on their type of personality. The tricks to engage learners has been great. I am currently still undergoing my course but I have already started using some of the mentoring skills and wording with coworkers. The learning styles and levels of ‘learning’ help me understand coworkers and be more understanding. I have already started to see a difference in my communication results and training. What I am most keen about at the moment is I want to help produce quality educators in the child care filed and share my experience and passion with others.”

Paul Ho


“My name is Paul Ho, I am originally from Hong Kong and lived in Australia for over 20 years.

I have been working as a hairdresser at Biba Salons and with the hairdressing industry in Melbourne for the last 13 years, however after starting hairdressing and barbering, I soon realised I had a passion for helping others in the industry and so I set a goal to one day to become a hairdressing educator.

As part of that I knew I needed to obtain my Certificate IV in TAE qualification. During my course I loved learning about how to design a learning program, assessment plans and the process of quality review for training materials.

As a result of gaining my Cert IV TAE I am now an educator at the BIBA Academy. I spend about 80% of my time teaching and the other 20% of my time working at the salon.

Completing the course online was certainly a great choice as it allowed me to fit everything in around my schedule. Not a walk in the park of course, but learnt so much from the course and the support that I got was fantastic.”



Senior HR Consultant Parkville College, DEECD

We recently approached RTO Leadership Institute with regards to designing and delivering a tailor-made version of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification for around 20 of our staff members. Our requirements were quite specific in terms of the content design and delivery time frames, and quite a bit of pre-work was required in order to design the course around our participant group and the college needs. RTO Leadership Institute, and specifically Danielle, were very flexible and accommodating in relation to our challenging requirements. I have found RTO Leadership Institute to be very helpful, professional, and efficient in tailoring this program for us.

Lyn Fava


Principal Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation

It is rare these days to find a business partner that really listens and encourages you to maintain your identity, whilst at the same time providing an umbrella that allows you to do what you do best. I have found that the staff and management at RTO Leadership Institute set high standards not only with with their quality training programs, but also in practicing great ethics and community spirit.   I have been associated with Shashi since I first dreamed of becoming an RTO.  She guided me to find the best ways to move forward in a constantly evolving industry, always keeping in mind what is important to me and to my school.   I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether you are a start up college, need extra support, or require the benefits of a larger organisation so that you can focus on what you do well.